Advantages of a graph database
6 reasons to choose i-views

Find out why you should use i-views for your next project.

i-views lets your data do the thinking...

…because I want to increase the amount of information in my data.

i-views is a Smart Data Engine that is principally used for networking data items. The knowledge that your data contains will vary according to the dependencies, relations and views. The network of connections enhances the information content and makes it possible to conduct new analyses and searches, which can be adapted to your requirements.

i-views is intuitive…

i-views is intuitive…

…because I need an easy-to-use tool for my data management.

The user-friendly interface in i-views is easy to use – you don’t need to learn a query or programming language. It enables you to intuitively import your data, set up a knowledge network based on this data, define searches and build applications that have a (web) front-end.

i-views brings data together...

…because I want to combine distributed information from multiple data sources.

i-views provides you with various useful integration mechanisms and interfaces. This makes it very easy to integrate data from different sources and in different formats (such as Excel worksheets or XML documents). Data can also be exported in multiple formats.

i-views is adaptable...

…because I don’t yet know what information might be important to me in the future.

With i-views you can even amend the data model during the course of your project – it is easy and can be done at any time. When amending the model, the quality of your data is retained throughout. Your knowledge network can grow in a flexible and agile way.

i-views is structured…

…because I always need to have access to a quick overview of my data.

i-views visualises your data as a clear, structured knowledge network. You can test the visualisation yourself and obtain an overview with our demo versions. Find out how easy it is to navigate and work with a knowledge network.

i-views provides security…

…because I want to protect my data.

Another special feature is the permissions system in i-views. With permissions, you can control user access to the data within your semantic network. This means you can protect sensitive data and provide your users with a defined excerpt of the data to work with.

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