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Data is the future’s most important raw material. This is why we want to help you get more out of it.
With i-views, you have the option of developing in-house applications – without needing any programming knowledge. All the tools you need for developing your own application are included in i-views – modelling, data integration, database querying and front-end configuration.

Data is the future’s most important raw material. In order to create innovation and growth from this raw material, you need to do more than accumulate a lot of data. What matters is not the volume of the data (big) but its valuable content (smart). It is difficult for companies to exploit this potential using silo structures and conventional methods.

Our Smart Data Engine creates data that systems and people can handle with equal confidence. In this way, i-views increases the capability of the entire organisation to generate maximum value through the intelligent use and networking of data.

Revolutionary foundations

Two fundamental new technologies have been combined in order to determine the relevance of data:

  • Graphs or networks represent knowledge by linking data together instead of depositing it in tables.
  • Semantic technologies enrich the data with intelligence, through inheritance concepts and drawing conclusions, for example, which gives the data relevance.
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Flexible and agile

Whether you use it as a database, an integration platform or a metadata management tool – with i-views, you can let your data do the thinking.

The creation of intelligent links and networks between data items facilitates dynamic results and enables you to see additional fascinating relationships. This enables you to make changes that have an immediate effect on other elements, e.g., statistics. Filters make more results visible.

Semantic and interconnected

In i-views, knowledge is displayed in the form of interconnected objects. This network shape is presented in the Graph Editor. Semantic links are determined through relations such as ‘has location’.

Networks are at the heart of i-views. Graphs represent knowledge by linking objects to one another. The objects here are business topics: products, projects, technologies, staff, customers etc.

Unlike other NoSQL technologies, there is just one place in the graph where all the information for each topic and business object is accumulated. Instead of information being repeated redundantly, it is linked.

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