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Success Story


A consortium of different working groups jointly developing a software library was looking for a documentation solution for it. This meant that the product development and documentation tasks here were distributed across multiple companies.

In addition, the product was undergoing constant further development while being used at the same time. The solution needed to be capable of answering questions such as “What has changed since the last version?” and “What do I need to change in my project code so that I am fully up to date?”

Some of these challenges can be handled with a content delivery portal. But how do you deal with constant further development during simultaneous usage? Real-time documentation was the answer here. Manual adaptation of the documentation with each release was insufficient. A process needed to be established that did not allow any discrepancies to arise between requirements, code and documentation.

Running requirements capturing, development and documentation in a single system was not an option, as the distribution of tasks across different project participants meant that different editing systems were being used, even just for the documentation.

i-views content - success story


i-views content - Lösungen

In order to generate a consistent status across every system despite this challenge, the customer wholly relied on metadata. Components of the software, requirements, additional project content and its dependencies are depicted as a network of metadata, to which all of the systems involved are connected. In this way, for example, newly developed features are added to the documentation immediately and versions, amendments and statuses can be compared across the systems in a real-time overview of the product.

The key to this is simple metadata management. i-views content provides an intuitive way to manage not only metadata but also the relationships between items of metadata and thus between project content. Furthermore, i-views content offers numerous useful features to locate content easily, such as faceted search based on the metadata, displaying topics that are related to one another and the useful Diff functionality, which highlights the differences between the individual versions. The ‘mark and share’ function optimises communication. It allows any passage of text to be highlighted and sent to colleagues, along with its tags.

In short: With i-views content, content from different sources can be coordinated and viewed via a clever front-end.

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