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Content delivery with metadata

Today’s customers can custom-build almost any product, from computers and machine tools right through to cars. They expect the technical documentation to be equally tailor-made.

Although content delivery portals can deliver this, they require their clients to replace previous documentation, tools and processes with their proprietary solution.

Do you want to utilise the advantages of a content delivery portal without jettisoning functioning documentation processes and tools?

Do you want to create a content delivery solution that can be added to your information landscape, rather than adding yet another data silo?

i-views Content - Content Delivery

i-views content is a content delivery portal, the strength of which lies in its integration capabilities. Legacy objects, documentation from other systems, marketing documentation – all content is dynamically combined via common metadata. This metadata might include product versions, features and components, as well as target groups and applications. Yet there is no need to devise new metadata because it can easily be synchronised from external systems such as your PIM or ERP.

With integration at the metadata level, you save time and outlay and protect your investments.

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