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Knowledge graphs are intuitive, descriptive, and flexible. Of course, all these must also apply to your development. This is exactly what you can expect from the Empolis Intelligent Views Platform® and much more…

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Edit directly inside the graph. No prior programming experience required. Professional users can conveniently create links using drag & drop and flexibly customize them.

Easy handling gives you an intuitive and fast start to creating your own Knowledge Graph.

Integrate replaces
information fragmenting

For flexibility, tables and structured data are easily transferred to the Knowledge Graph. Information fragmentation is overcome and hidden redundancies are discovered.

From Searching to
Finding and Analyzing

Networking generates intelligent search results and powerful conclusions. Connections become visible and implicit knowledge becomes transparent. Graph analyses offer highly impressive clarity. Thus, the Knowledge Graph provides the foundation for obtaining and leveraging knowledge and for making better decisions.

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    The trial version is available for 3 months. The trial version consists of 2 Knowledge Graph examples and an empty Knowledge Graph for you to fill with your own data and ideas.

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