Merck’s success

Research and development (R&D) departments can quickly and easily centrally collate, share and use their entire knowledge and expertise across all locations, business areas and international borders.

Connections between related technologies become easier to understand and experts working on similar technologies are identified more quickly. This facilitates the identification of potential synergies, the search for experts and accelerates collaboration on innovations.

How Empolis Knowledge Express®works

Let’s start by taking Merck’s new research project as an example. Participants search for the required technologies and expertise in the tool. After entering a corresponding search term in the tool, all relevant scientific and technical data recorded at Merck on this topic are immediately displayed.

For example, if one enters the search term “cell culture”, technologies such as “mammalian cell culture”, “organ as a chip”, but also applications such as “cultured meat” are listed on the platform. On the respective topic pages, information about the involved organizations (department and locations, partners and competitors), possibly existing assets and resources, publications, patents and patent classes are displayed. Each division can describe their technologies, specialties and challenges they cover with their expertise, and can also introduce themselves to the Merck research community.

The platform reveals synergies, networks experts within the company and accelerates cross-divisional collaboration on innovations.


  • Save time in projects by quickly finding the right experts for the relevant topics. Tedious searches are a thing of the past.
  • Savings through fast and immediate availability of the right assets and resources.
  • Internal synergies instead of external expenses for services and resources.
  • Fast identification of relevant competitors, interesting start-ups and new market demands by strategic decision-makers.
  • M&A support to determine technology fits or identify faster synergy opportunities.

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