With the Empolis Intelligent Views Platform®, we develop solutions ourselves and together with partners that make it easier for knowledge workers in companies, government agencies and public administration to use all available information to make the right decisions. For this purpose, the included augmented analytics functions for the implementation of trustworthy and comprehensible AI applications in industry-specific solutions are optimally integrated into the users’ workplaces and processes, especially into Microsoft Office as well as into the widely used web browsers. This means that both large individual solutions and scalable industry solutions can be implemented.
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i-views is a Smart Data Engine that captures the meaning of data, along with an intelligent way of linking it. This enables machines to handle data in a way that was previously only possible for people.

Proven technology

Our experience and the development of our technologies spans more than 20 years, which allows us to offer customers a high degree of competence.


Renowned companies in industry and the public sector are using more than 150 applications in total to maximise the value of their data.

A leading solution

In 2015, Gartner honored intelligent views gmbh a ‘Cool Vendor’ in the data integration and data quality sector.


We collaborate with our partners to get the most out of our technologies and products, which enables us to create the perfect solution for our customers.


Having been established as a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Society, research still plays a major role in our company today.

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Good data management enables customers to manage the flood of data going forward and exploit it as a source of knowledge and competitive advantage. The important aspects here are the relevance of data and the creation of smart interconnections to ensure the long-term usefulness of the data. Working with intelligent views means we have exactly the right partner to help us maximise the value of our customers’ data.- Reto Schneider | CEO medialeg GmbH | Bern
With i-views, it took just 3 months to move from the initial concept to implementing the first prototype of tilbago. Based on this, we were then able to win our first beta customers and partners, who were already impressed with the application. The work process was agile and i-views provides an option to easily amend the data scheme and add more data sources. This enabled us to quickly implement new ideas, requirements and features – all during ongoing operation.- David Fuss | CEO | tilbago ag
i-views offers powerful functionality for handling data and is very flexible in usage. It made the development of the site planning fast and cost-effective.- Ronny Frik | Project Leader | SBB