Would you like to create your own knowledge network? Use networked data for intelligent recommendations? Or simply get to know k-infinity? Take the first few steps with this travel-based demo.


The semantic graph database k-infinity is a development environment that you use to create your own applications – with no programming knowledge required. Learn more:

What is k-infinity?
6 reasons for k-infinity

Be aware of the relevant regulations and check compliance with
them automatically – how k-infinity can help you…

How knowledge sharing can really work in your company….

Use digital channels to take your products closer to the customer – including recommendations

Customized products demand customized documentation – how publishing works with networked content modules…

SBB’s maintenance experts have designed their own work site planning software using k-infinity. Messe Frankfurt has developed a definitive product classification system for business matching. Future Management Group consultants have modeled the future in a knowledge network. See for yourself how our customers use k-infinity.

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